• Total submitted Papers = 230
  • Papers filtered out in initial screening/dropped = 25
  • Papers reviewed by reviewers = 205
  • Papers accepted for presentation = 62
  • Acceptance Rate = 30%


    • Dual DCT-Wavelet Domain Intelligent Watermarking Scheme for Image Authentication and Recovery
      By Rafi Ullah (Air University), Adnan Idris (PIEAS) and Asifullah Khan (PIEAS)

    • Comparison of Reconstruction and Example-Based Super-Resolution
      By Rehanullah Khan(SUST-Peshawar), Robert Sablatnig(Vienna University of Technology), Abdul Bais (SUST-Peshawar) and Yahya Khawaja (UET, Peshawar)

    • Embedding Data in Edge Boundaries with High PSNR
      By Mehdi Hussain (SZABIST) and Mureed Hussain (SZABIST)

    • Spatial Domain Losseless Image Data Compression Method
      By Syed Ali Hassan (CASE) and Mehdi Hussain (SZABIST)

    • Improved resolution short time Fourier transform
      By Nabeel Khan (Federal Urdu University), Mohammad Jafri (Federal Urdu University) and Saad Qazi (NED University)

    • Camera network Localization Using Trajectory Estimation (CLUTE)
      By Nadeem Anjum(Riphah), Muhammad J. Mirza (Riphah) and Andrea Cavallaro (Queen Mary, UK)

    • Efficient Implementation of Linearisation Attacks on F-FCSR-16 Type Key-stream Generators
      By Arshad Ali (Royal Holloway, University of London )

    • Classification of Usability Issues for Haptic Systems
      By Muzafar Khan (Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia)

    • Video segmentation into scenes using Entropy and SURF
      By Junaid Baber (AIT, Thailand), Nitin Afzulpurkar (AIT, Thailand) and Maheen Bakhtyar (AIT, Thailand)

    • Edge Analysis in the presence of an Affine Transformation
      By Bushra Jalil (Universite de Bourgogne, France)

    • Revisiting and Evaluating Authentication in WirelessMAN
      By Raheel Maqsood Hashmi (Politecnico di Milano,Italy)

    • A burst resolution technique for data streams management in the real-time data warehouse
      By Fiaz Majeed (UET, Lahore), Sohaib Mahmood (COMSATS , Islamabad), Muhammad Shoaib (UET, Lahore) and Naveed Khalil (UET, Lahore)

    • Coherence Enhancement Diffusion using Multi-Scale DFB
      By Mohamamd Asmat Ullah Khan (NU-FAST), Tariq Mahmood (CIIT) and Shoab Ahmed Khan (Center for Advanced Studies)

    • Image Texture Classification Using Textons
      By Yousra Javed (NUST, Islamabad) and M. Murtaza Khan (NUST, Islamabad)

    • An Algorithmic Transformation for FPGA Implementation of High Throughput Filters
      By Hamid Kamboh (CASE) and Shoab Khan (CASE)

    • A New Universal and Economical ZigBee-Based Design for Complete Home Automation
      By Muhammad Usman Rafique (COMSATS, Lahore)

    • Implementation of State Generation in MATLAB Simulink using System Generator
      By Naveed Ahmed (NUST, Karachi)

    • Energy Efficient Outlier Detection in WSNs based on Temporal and Attribute Correlations
      By Nauman Shahid (LUMS) and Ijaz Naqvi (LUMS)

    • A Low-Profile CPW-fed Broadband Antenna for WLAN and RFID Applications
      By Saad Ali Khan (COMSATS, Islamabad), Saeed Khan (COMSATS, Islamabad), Muhammad Farhan Shafique (COMSATS, Islamabad) and Imran Shoaib (Queen Mary,United Kingdom)

    • Switch Mode Transmitter Architecture Using Low-Pass Delta Sigma Modulator
      By Sami Ur Rehman (NUST, Islamabad) and Muhammad Ali (NUST, Islamabad)

    • Retinal Vasculature Segmentation by Morphological Curvature, Reconstruction and Adapted Hysteresis Thresholding
      By By M. Moazam Fraz(Kingston University, UK), Abdul Basit (PINSTECH, Islamabad), Paolo Remagnino (Kingston University, UK) , Andreas Andreas Hoppe (Kingston University, UK) and Sarah Barman (Kingston University, UK)

    • Performance Prediction of a Weighted Capacity Sharing Scheme for Grid Bulk Data Transfers using a Multi-service Queue
      By Israr Ullah (NU-FAST, Islamabad) and Kashif Munir (NU-FAST, Islamabad)

    • Clinical Decision Support System based Virtual Telemedicine
      By Imran Bajwa (University of Birmingham, UK) and Shazia Karim (The Islamia University of Bahawalpur)

    • Graph Based Query Trimming of Conjunctive Queries in Semantic Caching
      By Muhammad Azeem Abbas (MAJU), Muhammad Abdul Qadir (MAJU), Munir Ahmad (MAJU), Tariq Ali (MAJU) and Naseer Ahmad Sajid (MAJU)

    • Malfree Web Server Response
      By Mahmood Ahmad (NUST, Islamabad) and Rana Faisal Munir (NUST, Islamabad)

    • Threat modeling using Formal Methods: A New Approach to Develop Secure Web Applications.
      By Shafiq Hussain (University of Sunderland, Uk), Harry Erwin (University of Sunderland, Uk) and Peter Dunne (University of Sunderland, Uk)

    • Time Domain Simulation of Dispersive Materials from Microwave to Optical Frequencies
      By Iftikhar Ahmed (Institute of High Performance Computing/A*STAR,Singapore) and Erping Li (nstitute of High Performance Computing/A*STAR,Singapore)

    • Automatic Acquisition of Domain Concepts for Ontology Learning using Affinity Propagation
      By Iqbal Qasim(Hanyang university, Korea), Jin-Woo Jeong(Hanyang university, Korea), Sharifullah Khan(NUST, Islamabad) and Dong-Ho Lee(Hanyang university, Korea)

    • Research Design for Evaluation of Finger Input Properties on Multi-touch Screen
      By Ahsanullah Abro (UTP, Malaysia)

    • Dspace @ SEECS: SEECS Institutional Repository System
      By Sharifullah Khan (NUST, Islamabad), Amjad Usman (NUST, Islamabad), Rabia Irfan (NUST, Islamabad) and Amir Hayat (NUST, Islamabad)

    • Transmission of RF Signals through Energy Efficient Window Using FSS
      By Umair Rafique (MAJU)
    • MIPS64 User Mode Emulation: A Case Study in Open Source Software Engineering
      By Khansa Butt (UET, Lahore), Ehsan Ul-Haq (UET, Lahore), Abdul Qadeer (UET, Lahore) and Abdul Waheed (UET, Lahore)

    • SeekBin: An Automated Tool for Analyzing Thread Level Speculative Parallelization Potential
      By Ghulam Mustafa (UET , Lahore), Abdul Waheed (UET, Lahore) and Waqar Mahmood (UET, Lahore)

    • Next Generation Multi-Service Access Gateway for Radio over Fiber Wireless Systems
      By Ateeq Mumtaz (UET,Taxilla) and Muhammad Khawar Islam (UET,Taxilla)

    • Optimizing Common Spatial Pattern and Feature Extraction Algorithm for Brain Computer Interface
      By Muhammad Raza Fraz (Air University), Maira Islam (Air University), Zulqarnain Zahid (Air University) and Muhammad Arif (Air University)

    • DWDM Based System for Optical Generation and Transmission of Impulse Radio UWB Signals
      By Affan Hasan Khan (UET, Taxilla), Omer Khalid (UET, Taxilla), Ateeq Mumtaz (UET, Taxilla) and Muhammad Khawar Islam (UET, Taxilla)

    • Scattering Parameter Measurements of Infinite Tunable Reflectarrays
      By Muhammad Inam Abbasi (University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia) and Muhammad Yusof Ismail (University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia)

    • A Compact Microstrip Patch Antenna with Circular Snipped Slit for GSM, Wi-Fi and WiMAX Applications
      By S. Muzahir Abbas (COMSATS, Islamabad), Rana Liaqat Ali (COMSATS, Islamabad), Hamza Nawaz (COMSATS, Islamabad), Arslan Kiyani (COMSATS, Islamabad), Ilyas Saleem (COMSATS, Islamabad) and Shahid A. Khan (COMSATS, Islamabad)

    • Signal Analysis, Design Methodolgy, and Modular Development of a TR Module
      By Aqeel Qureshi (NUST, Islamabad), Muhammad Usman Afzal (NUST, Islamabad), Tauseef Tauqeer (NUST, Islamabad) and Munir Ahmad Tarar (NUST , Islamabad)

    • Parameter evaluation for Virtual Laparoscopic Simulation
      By Shamyl Bin Mansoor (NUST, Islamabad), Zaheer Mukhtar (NUST, Islamabad), Muhammad Muddassir Malik (NUST, Islamabad), Zohaib Amjad (NUST , Islamabad) and Hammad Qureshi (NUST, Islamabad)

    • Activity-based Correlation of Personal Documents and their Visualization Using Association Rule Mining
      By Zafar Saeed (Quaid-i-Azam University), Abida Sadaf (Quaid-i-Azam University) and Siraj Muhammad (Quaid-i-Azam University)

    • Analysis, Design, and Simulation of Phased Array Radar Front-end
      By Muhammad Usman Afzal (NUST, Islamabad), Aqeel Ahmad Qureshi (NUST , Islamabad ), Munir Ahmad Tarar (NUST, Islamabad) and Tauseef Tauqeer (NUST, Islamabad)

    • Block Aging Prevention Technique (BAP) for Flash Based Solid State Disks
      By Anam Zaman (NUST, Islamabad), Sumayya Shiraz (NUST, Islamabad), Saba Zia (NUST, Islamabad), Abdullah Mansoor (NUST, Islamabad) and Farooq Ahmad (NUST, Islamabad)

    • Efficient Signcryption Schemes based on Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptosystem
      By Nizamud Din (IIUI), Shehzad Ashraf Chaudhry (IIUI), Hanif Ullah (IIUI) and Noorul Amin (IIUI)

    • Design and Implementation of Autonomous Lawn-Mower Robot Contorller
      By Wasif Muhammad (Gujrat University)

    • On the Stability of an Adaptive Blind Equalizer
      By Shafayat Abrar (COMSATS, Islamabad)

    • Version Information Support for Software Architecture Recovery
      By Maryam Bibi (Quaid-i-Azam University) and Onaiza Maqbool (Quaid-i-Azam University)

      By Muhammad Asif (Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology), Raj Kumar (Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology) and Samreen Amir (SSUET, Karachi)

    • Quantitative Analysis of State-of-the-Art Synchronizers: Clock Domain Crossing Perspective
      By Faiq Khalid Lodhi (NUST , Islamabad), Naeha Sharif (NUST, Islamabad), Nadra Ramzan (NUST, Islamabad), Osman Hasan (NUST, Islamabad) and Syed Rafay Hasan (École Polyprotocol de Montréal, Canada)

    • RFAIDE – An RFID Based Navigation and Object Recognition Assistant for Visually Impaired People
      By Mohsin Murad (UET, Peshawar), Abdullah Rehman (UET, Peshawar), Arif Shah (UET, Peshawar), Salim Ullah (UET, Peshawar), Mohammad Fahad (UET, Peshawar) and Khawaja Yahya (UET, Peshawar)

    • An Efficient Authentication and Key Establishment Scheme for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
      By Sarmad Ullah Khan (Politecnico di Torino, Italy) and Rafiullah Khan (UET, Peshawar)

    • Accelarating MATLAB Slow Loop Execution With CUDA
      By Ubaidullah (NUST, Islamabad) and Shoab Ahmed Khan (NUST , Islamabad)

    • Weaving Twitter Stream into Linked Data - A Proof of concept Framework
      By Farhan Sahito (Graz University of Technology), Atif LatifGraz University of Technology (Graz University of Technology) and Wolfgang Slany (Graz University of Technology)

    • Implementing MapReduce over Language and Literature Data over the UK National Grid Service
      By Muhammad Sarwar (University of Glasgow), Richard Sinnott (University of Melbourne), Marc Alexander (University of Glasgow), Jean Anderson (University of Glasgow) and Johanna Green (University of Glasgow)

    • A framework based on OWL-S for healthcare Information provision
      By Saman Iftikhar (NUST, Islamabad), Farooq Ahmad (NUST, Islamabad) and Kiran Fatima (FAST, Islamabad)

    • An Energy-balanced Probability Coverage Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
      By Yuxiong Su (Hunan university)

    • A Unimodal Fusion Framework Utilizing Multiple Enrolment Images
      By Asim Baig (Queen's University Belfast, UK), Ahmed Bouridane (Northumbria University at Newcastle, UK) and Fatih Kurugollu (Queens University, UK)

    • Greening FiWi Access Networks
      By Asad Ali (NUST, Islamabad), Imdad Ullah (NUST, Islamabad), Tauseef Tauqeer (NUST, Islamabad) and S M Hassan Zaidi (NUST, Islamabad)

    • Image Matching using Feature Set Transformations
      By Shahid Razzaq (NUST, Islamabad) and Shehzad Khalid (Bahria University, Islamabad)

    • A Blind Adaptive Channel Shortening Algorithm Using Any Lag Auto Correlation Minimization (ALAM)
      By M Yamin (IIUI, Islamabad) and Dr Rab Nawaz (IIUI, Islamabad)

    • QoS-Aware Device Selection Using User-Preferences for Tasks in Ubiquitous Environments
      By Ejaz Ahmed (KHU, Korea), Hamid Mukhtar (NUST, Islamabad), Djamel Belaid (Telecom SudParis, France) and Ju Bin Song (KHU,Korea)

    • Position-based and Geocast Routing Protocols in VANETs
      By Huma Ghafoor (NUST, Islamabad) and Khurram Aziz (NUST, Islamabad)