Please note that the extended deadline for paper submission and registration for authors is 15th August, 2011.

Each paper should be submitted in ICET 2011 according to the following instructions.

Templates and Forms:

IEEE requires that the PDF files submitted for the accepted papers be 100% IEEE Xplore compliant. Please make sure that you follow the Instructions on how to produce IEEE Xplore compliant PDF files.
  • LaTeX users can use the template files here, which also contains a sample paper. You can create a IEEE Xplore compliant PDF file using the commands:
    • dvips -o -G0 -tletter mypaper
    • ps2pdf mypaper.pdf
    You may also use another method to obtain a pdf file from the LaTeX document, but compliance with pdf eXpress will be required in the final version.

  • Microsoft Office users can download the MS Word template in a sample. These can be converted to compliant pdf using IEEE PDF eXpress (see instructions below)

IEEE PDF Express Compliance:

PDF Express can be used through the site Follow the instructions at the site and use "ICET2011xp" as Conference ID. The first time you use the site, you will need to register and select a password.

All accepted, camera-ready papers must be processed through PDF Express before final submission (even if the PDF is generated by another process). Word files can be converted to PDF through PDF Express by uploading the file to the site. The website will convert it to PDF file for you and send you an email shortly with the converted PDF file in attachment. Files already in PDF (e.g., those generated through LaTeX) can be checked for compliance through PDF Express.

Please note that PDF eXpress does not have to be used for initial submissions. Since each paper can only be processed through PDFeXpress a limited number of times, it is suggested that you not use PDF eXpress at the time of initial submission and simply generate reasonably compliant manuscripts through LaTeX or Word, leaving processing through PDF eXpress for the final camera-ready version submitted after reviewing and acceptance.

Submitting the Paper:

Only the IEEE PDF Express version of the PDF document should be submitted for the camera ready version.
The approved version should be uploaded to your Easychair account. To do this, login to your EasyChair account. Make sure that your ICET 2011 author role has been selected. Click on the Proceedings menu, click on your PaperID in the menu. Finally, click on Update this Paper menu on the top right of the page. Once the updated version is received, all the authors will get a notification email by easychair. If the updated version is IEEE expressed approved and correct, it will be selected for publications in the conference proceedings.

Signing the IEEE Copyright Form:

In order for your accepted paper to be published in the conference proceedings, a signed IEEE Copyright Form must be submitted for each paper. Please sign the completed IEEE Copyright Form available here, sign it and send it by post to the address given below or the scanned version of it to Without the signed copyright form, the paper will not be published.
Dr. Saad Bin Qaisar
ICET Publications Chair
Sector H-12, Islamabad,

Presenting the Paper:

It is important that one of the authors present the paper in the conference. As part of IEEE operating policy, Organizers and/or the conference sponsors have the right to exclude a paper from distribution (or limit its distribution) if the paper is not presented at the conference. Papers excluded from further distribution will be archived at IEEE but will not be indexed or appear in IEEE Xplore.